Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Beautiful South

Hull's finest musical export, The Beautiful South, have called it a day. Around since the late 80's, they broke up due to "musical similarities" (haha) way back in FEBRUARY. Geesh, where the heckfire was I? We got totally into these guys back in the mid-90's when we were touring through the Lake District, Northern England and you couldn't go anywhere without hearing "Carrying on up the charts". More Brits own this album than... oh I don't know... microwave ovens or something. Its hugely popular anyway.

Thank you Paul Heaton: England's hands-down wittiest master of rhyme EVER. Lyric excerpt from "10,000 Feet" below (song on the right in the Jukebox):

Cos when we're finally up there
and the engines have been stopped
the landing won't be fatal
if love's parachute's been dropped

Click here to see what is probably their last ever video: Manchester. Fitting really since both the song and the video have British stereotypes at their core and TBS were very true to their home in everything from their name to their laddish culture. So, until their reunion tour/ album in 10 years or so - that's it.

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memet said...

I loved these guys way back and had not seen anything of them (ever) and had not listened to them forever... so many thanks for this too!