Sunday, May 6, 2007

Music Videos :: New

Low's new video for "Belarus" featuring winter sports (what else!?!). Minimalism at its most snowy... featuring the triathlon-inspired sport-of-the-future: x-country skiing/ walking/ factory working.

New one from Manic Street Preachers (with the Cardigans) - Your Love Alone is Not Enough. I love these guys. What happened to Nina Cardigan's hair?

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mesmith said...

diana-still-evolving left a new comment on your post "Belarus by Low":

Just telling Scotty how he needs to meet you, just for the music connection... :::twilight zone music::: He saw Low in Minneapolis last month! I was wearing my Low octopus tee shirt at the barefoot boogie in Corvallis!!

Craig says: I now see the Low t-shirt in many pictures! Yeah!!!