Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Steal This Plan

My time-tested, fool-proof, guaranteed-to-satisfy-even-the-crustiest-curmudgeon four point plan of action for reducing your personal commuter ROAD RAGE footprint:

1. Witness an accident
2. Be in an accident not actually "time-tested" and probably not fool-proof… ignore
3. Witness a grumpy octogenarian flip the bird at anyone and everyone and realize: "hey, I don't wanna be like him when I'm that old and driving around all grumpy-crusted curmudgeony with my pork-pie hatted head barely peeking over the steering wheel".
4. Develop a fraternal kinship with your fellow motorist… abuse cyclists instead! They are the true devils of the roadway (not the commuting cyclists with their fancy helmets and pant-leg tucked-into-socks look, they have their lines to keep them straight - I'm talking about those spandexed-up guys with the short-brimmed little hats, skinny tires and linoleum unfriendly shoes).

There you have it, my (revised) three-point plan for making the world a better place. We all do our bit.

Oh, and ban dump trucks - except at museums or the circus or something cause my kids like looking at them.

Catatonia - "Road Rage":

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