Sunday, May 6, 2007

Then, Then and Now

We once cut Fergus' hair (my idea). Auntie Jamesie made us sign a release. I forgot to get Gillian to sign one for me and have been paying for it ever since. He's gone from "what's your daughter's name" to "he's such a boy!" and back again. Oh what a bore life would be without the banal quotes of the uninformed. He's totally cool with it and nothing else much matters. He's on the right path, though, in becoming the son and heir of nothing in particular cause I'm the least recognized/ remembered person I know. My friend Wendy thinks its her but do her co-workers re-introduce themselves on a semi-annual basis? Last weekend I tried flagging down my Mom from the side of the road as she drove past at a mere 20 km/hr. "oh, I saw someone flailing about but didn't know it was you". Overall, I think its great and get perverse enjoyment out of it but just once I'd like Maurizio and Massimo at the Italian deli to at least greet me with a "hey guy-who-comes-in-here-once-a-week, what can I get you today, we have some of those roasted peppers you like" rather than "hi sir. whatta you like". Maybe my current one-haircut-a-year mantra, courtesy of my sister-in-law deserting town a few years back, has something to do with it.

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