Saturday, May 5, 2007

Circa 1995

Here's the image from the front of one of our wedding cassettes. Apparently I was 12 when I got married (that would make Tiki 13). We (or rather, "FIL") paid a guy many, many dollars to literally stand behind some shrubbery and flip pre-organized tapes in a machine. And then he made off with my originals! The pic shows what we were heavily into at the time: ourselves, our dog, Canada Day, the Pogues (Fiesta), James (the daisy; the lyrics) and Morrissey (actually I'm alone in worshipping at the shrine of our Mozzer). The first four songs at our wedding, i think, were: find the river (REM) :: fiesta (the Pogues) :: sometimes (James) :: throw your arms around me (Hunters & Collectors).

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