Tuesday, May 29, 2007

If I was young...

I've been waiting for this video from Beirut for a while as "Elephant Gun" is a leading candidate for song of the year (so far) in my books. The music is inspiring :: the video a bit hit and miss. The interpretive dancing is kinda cool but all the flouncing about tends to be distracting (and the elephant snouts a bit literal). There is some redemption however when the walls fall away and the excellent trumpet playing is matched beautifully by the rolling natural seascape.

Perhaps better then to just sit in the dark and listen to this and imagine an Eastern European gypsy setting with horns, accordians, ukes and deep/ haunting vocals. And try not to think that Beirut is actually the work of one guy... who happens to have recorded this in his late teens... in his parents' basement. His name is Zach Condon and he's from Albuquerque. He's a high school dropout. And my life is all the better for it! Elephant Gun Video

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