Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Music Video - Malcolm Middleton

"Balloon movie" currently popular with 3.5 year old Fergus. Suitable???
Malcolm Middleton was the guitarist in now-defunct Glasgow band Arab Strap. That's not M.M. in the video and I'm not sure what its all about... but its cool and watch for his pained expression after being hit with flying spaghetti.


zenmomma said...

Hey I recognize that balloon head picture! Um..shuffle...sniff...unfortunately I seem to have lost my new favoritist CD made by the coolest James fan ever. AAAARRRRGH!!! It never made it back from the hotel. I think they kept it cause my group was too loud. ::pout:: Any copies available maybe? I'm so sad. :-(

LOVE your new blog though. :O)

mesmith said...

mr. balloon head will re-appear in your mailbox!